May 15, 2016 - "special train of remembrance" - In Sambazug on industrial tracks by nature and industry!

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Special train of remembrance -
Photo and video-friendly - for "Steam friends" since Treysa with steam heating of
>> Locomotive Legend V 160 (Lollo)           >> The "Lollo" Sound (sound)!

Driving distance:
V 160: Treysa - Kassel Wilhelmshöhe - Goettingen - Northeim - Kreiensen (photo stop) - Hildesheim - Derneburg (photo stop) - Goslar (photo stop) - Braunschweig - Peine - on industrial web through the steelworks Salzgitter - Salzgitter Bad - Museum Bahnhof Klein Mahner - Salzgitter Bad - on industrial web through the steelworks mill Salzgitter - Beddingen harbor with Lokumfahrung - Beddingen handover - Braunschweig - Peine - Lehrte - Hildesheim and back to the stations listed above ...


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Event Information - Press text, shown here especially from the Leinetal.
Eisenbahnromantik with diesel and steam through northern Germany!

Historic day trip on Pentecost Sunday of Hesse by nature and industry in Vorharz - a reminder of the "good old days"!

May 15, 2016 - From numerous entry and exit opportunities "Sambazug" by the Region 38!

Railway enthusiasts should May 15 (Pentecost Sunday) already marked in their calendars: the "special train of memory" starts from Treysa (Hessen) in the region Braunschweig, offering numerous entry and exit opportunities in their region. In Treysa start the train early in the morning and drives over Kassel, Göttingen, Northeim, Kreiensen, Hildesheim, the Lion City Braunschweig.

In Braunschweig, there is a change of locomotives, it depends of Northern Germany's largest steam locomotive (steam locomotive 41 096) in front of the train. From Braunschweig the special train on Peine (boarding passengers) moves to the industrial tracks Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter (VPS) by a blooming landscape - and on through the industrial steelworks Salzgitter to Museumsbahn- and Museum Bahnhof Klein Mahner. The station offers grilled food and drinks. Railcar and a hand lever trolley waiting for interested passengers.

After a long break, it goes back to the industrial tracks. By passing the rolling mill of the port and the transfer station of Beddingen is another object, to the junction Devil Spring, here is running on the train again the network of Deutsche Bahn to Braunschweig. After another change of locomotive, the special train on Peine, Lehrte adopted at his old driving route Treysa.

Starting Treysa provides the special train specifically for railway romantics remembering locomotive-hauled trains and Großdiesellok DB series 218th
The veteran - the Großdiesellok V 160 nicknamed "Lollo" - goes to with her over 2000 hp and the muffled sound of the 16-cylinder Maybach engine on the journey. The original route of the 218 series, namely from Hildesheim via Goslar, also is on May 15 in memory on the way.

In the middle of the train the newly restored and ever popular restaurant car Railway friends Treysa with coffee and cake, beer and Piccolo for travelers is available. Witnesses from the railway world is this car as part of the former "Samba train" good memories.
For the day trip especially families and small groups should be timely tickets.

Hand lever and railcar museum Kleinbahnhof Mahner
Hand lever and railcar museum Kleinbahnhof Mahner

From Treysa (Kassel), the complete daily schedule Railway Romance for only 69 - € experience.

In the middle of the train of fresh restaurierte- and ever popular >>restaurant car Railway friends Treysa runs! (Dining cars from the former service of Army of the Rhine).

The small pictures show on the right side allows you to already have a quick look in the special train (original images)!

Amidst discover from Leinetal (Goettingen, Northeim, Kreiensen, Hildesheim) one day railway romance nature and industry.

The organizer of the event is of the opinion that the "Special train of remembrance" is child friendly, children up to 6 years pay a penny, children up to 15 years stay on the Gesamtstrecke- or part of the journey only 25, - .
A very special treat for children under 15 years old ride in memory of the 218 series - of Hildesheim, about Goslar, to Brunswick, this ride is free for children up to 15 years ..., with the desire that these children later their children 218 tell of an imposing Großdiesellok the DB series in Vorharz!

(v. l. n. r.) Ulrich Twardowski, Holger Dudei, Stefan Dützer
(v. l. n. r.) Ulrich Twardowski, Holger Dudei, Stefan Dützer

Stefan Dützer by the Association Schroedertunnels (mining in the mountain range of Salzgitter) will accompany from the special train Braunschweig informative about mining and steel in the region 38!

Stefan Dützer operates in Goslar also guides on the World Heritage Rammelsberg!

 With the locomotive legend OF 160 in Vorharz traces hauled Personenzüge- and Großdiesellok DB series 218th
Report from the journal "The rail bus" (click to enlarge)
Report from the journal "The rail bus" (click to enlarge)

Time to say goodbye -
The class 218 of the Deutsche Bahn is no longer needed in Vorharz!

On 12.13.2014 was Regional Express 14077 as the last passenger train hauled by a locomotive with Großdiesellok DB Class 218 traveling on the route from Hannover to Goslar, in the beautiful Harz mountains.

On the platform of Derneburg we were surprised at the emotional cold evening in December, following melody sounded from the speakers on the platform. Click to play next to Link: Time to say goodbye. Whether us this on 15 May 2016 once again succeed ..., let's wait!

You should also read those illustrated report by Arne von Knebel, editor of the journal "The rail bus". (Publication released by Michael Fromming).

 With the "coaches after Werlaburgdorf" the museum railway in Warnetal discover.

For passengers wishing to discover the "coaches after Werlaburgdorf" the Warne Switchback moves the shunting Köf II from Museum station to the breakpoint Werlaburgdorf.

At breakpoint Werlaburdorf sham Directions from Börßum offered Coming for photo and video friends.

Facultative offer!

The "Desert Express" on the museum railway in Warnetal - Picture Author: Joachim Fricke
The "Desert Express" on the museum railway in Warnetal - Picture Author: Joachim Fricke

From Braunschweig with North Germany's largest steam locomotive nature and industry discover where otherwise leaves no passenger.


To cover the costs of the event, it is necessary to bring about our special trips following admission prices!


Price per person - round trip:
The following tiered pricing allows Gesamtstrecke- or to use a partial path. In special leg request send us an E-mail

€ 69.00 Adults from Treysa -. Complete program
€ 49.00 Adults from Hildesheim -. Diesel V 160 / steam locomotive 41 096
€ 34.00 Ext. From Braunschweig and Peine on the industrial track of VPS with steam locomotive 41 096
€ 25.00 Children under 15 travel free without seat stress on the total or partial route, children up to 6 years!
€ 5.00 Ext. Charge for a compartment space
€ 34.00 Adults from Hildesheim -. Memorial Ride to locomotive-hauled trains and DB series 218 from Hildesheim via Goslar to Brunswick *.
* For the return trip to Hildesheim, we recommend the new train connection with the "ENNO", the trip by "ENNO" is not included in the fare. Or drive around 17:00 with the special train back to Hildesheim!
Group rate from 10 persons, 5, - € discount per adult passenger!
Quiet zone signposted, a specific area on the train, where we want to allow passengers with closed window a smooth ride! Otherwise, the windows can be opened.
Seat reservation!
Optional: trip by motor or lever operated track car in Klein Mahner Station.

Optional: With the "coaches after Werlaburgdorf" 6, - € in connection with the ticket from the special train, children 7 to 15 years 3, - €, for children under 7 years driving without seat stress free!

Optional: Service for Photo / Video Friends do not drive with the special train - The price includes travel times before Sonderfahrt- and other questions via e-mail, telephone hotline in the special train 10, - €

Railcar Carlie Museum Kleinbahnhof Mahner
Railcar Carlie Museum Kleinbahnhof Mahner

The event takes place under the motto "The journey is the reward" instead!
Interested persons must expect additional roadways with the passenger car or public transport. The infrastructure of the special train is a part of the event, thus the special train can not stop at every station. We ask for your understanding and would be pleased if you accompany still the "special train of remembrance".



We wish you a pleasant stay - and a good trip!
"Special train of remembrance".